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Gran Quivira Ranch

Price: $485/deeded acre
Acreage: 26,240 deeded acres MOL and 1,920 NM State Lease acres MOL (44 sections)
County: Lincoln, Torrance, and Socorro
Location: 20 miles NW of Corona, NM
Property Description:
Gran Quivira Ranch is located in the center of New Mexico and provides a unique opportunity to invest in Ranch Land. The 28,160 acres are located 31 miles south of Mountainair, 7 miles north of Claunch, 20 miles northwest of Corona, New Mexico. It is 120 miles southeast of Albuquerque and an equal distance to Santa Fe or Roswell. The ranch is nestled in the foothills of the Gallinas Mountains and has views of the Monzano Mountains to the northwest, with elevations ranging from 6,200 to 6,600 feet. The East Cibola forest borders the ranch to the north and Highway 55 borders a four mile section on the southwest. The headquarters is approximately 4 miles from Hwy 55. The ranch is contiguous within three counties, Torrance, Lincoln, and Socorro. The nearest livestock sale barn is in Belen about 80 miles away.

The terrain is rolling hills with no big canyons to speak of (no water gaps) and the majority of the rain fall remains on the ranch. The ranch does have a large population of one seed juniper and areas of cholla cactus, but contains vast expansions of open areas. There are a few areas of rock out cropping but horseback work can be done on unshod horses for the most part. Soils vary throughout the ranch from sandy to a red loam. Predominant grasses are Black Gramma, Blue Gramma, Side Oats, Little Blue, and Western Wheat. There is also Winter Fat, and Four Wing Sagebrush.

Water is a big plus on the ranch boasting 11 wells, 8 of which are on solar and 3 powered by the local electric cooperative. Extensive pipe lines connect all but 3 of the wells and there are 37 drink facilities and over 250,000 gallons of water storage in 15 tanks spread throughout the ranch. Water quality is fair and suitable for cattle.

Improvements are extensive, a large set of working pens capable of holding 400 pairs during shipping and cow work. A covered working area includes tub, adjustable alley, hydraulic chute, and electricity. A large set of scales and a large alley system compliment the working pens. The original ranch two story barn is still intact with a milking pen, wood granary, and second story hay loft. Off the working pens is a 70 x 120 barn with 6 stalls, a calving area, rodent proof saddle room and large tie outs. Attached to the big barn is a 55 x 90 hay/equipment shed. There are two box cars for additional storage. Near the headquarters are a large rock garage and a 3 bay garage with attached bunkhouse. The bunkhouse has ¾ bathroom and is currently set up to comfortably sleep 6, plus an office area. Two other working pens are located on the ranch currently utilized for branding and pregnancy testing, along with two other catch pens.

Headquarters residence is approximately 3000 square feet and has been completely updated and remodeled. All new plumbing, windows and electrical has been installed to this 3 bedroom, with a ¾ bath, a full bath, and a ½ bath. Located about 4 miles west of the main headquarters is a newly remodeled one bedroom home with pens and storage located on site.

Hunting is improved with a 93% deeded ranch and adds to the appreciation of deeded land versus leased. Deeded land ownership enhances investment and the ability to diversify and improve an operation without government approval. Hunting has not been a focus of current ownership but is becoming more so. Changes in New Mexico Game and Fish rules, now give a private land owner much more flexibility in managing the game on the ranch and to optimize income potential. Gran Quivira is home to about a 200 resident antelope herd, transition elk migration, deer, and occasional Oryx.

Coyote, cougar and bobcat also are available for harvest. With the new rules, private landowners now have the ability to sell over the counter antelope hunts permits, unlimited. Elk in the secondary area which the ranch is on contiguous 5 day hunts for October 1st to December 31st for bulls and cows, deer during regular hunts at owner’s discretion, along with 30 day Oryx permits.

Carrying capacity ranges from 10 to 12 pairs per section depending on rainfall and the ranch could be easily rated @ 500 cows. Current owners have been running between 300 and 450 cows depending on rainfall. The ranch would also work well as a yearling operation. There has been extensive bush control on the ranch with 900 acres recently completed and another 2,950 acres are scheduled to be completed in the next 12 months. The current projects and recently completed projects have been done with mastication equipment and the range response has been tremendous. These improvements are not only increasing carrying capacity but enhancing the wildlife opportunities.

Gran Quivira Ranch offers a unique opportunity to combine a ranch with superior improvements, extensive water system, vast hunting prospects, 26,240 deeded acres, and an operational cattle enterprise, with an eye on appreciation in the years to come. Now is the time to diversify into ranch land as an investment versus the highly volatile stock market.
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