About Us

Late in the 1970s Aubrey and Robin met while attending Colorado State. A partnership was later formed, with a dream and goal of one day owning their own cattle ranch. Aubrey went into real estate sales and banking, receiving his first real estate license in 1978 while still attending college. He started selling real estate in Albuquerque in 1979, but in the days of President Jimmy Carter, 21% interest, and a change in the real estate tax code the market crashed real estate left them with little opportunity so he started a new job with Monte Vista Production Credit Association beginning as a Crop inspector/Field representative. Aubrey’s financial career progressed to loan officer and ending as President/CEO of First Federal Bank of New Mexico (the fifth largest New Mexico bank based in the state.) First Federal Bank sold in 2007 prior to the Great Recession. In 2014 Aubrey was elected to serve as the Commissioner of Public Lands (managing 9 million surface acres and 13 million mineral acres as trustee of New Mexico schools and other institutions) for a term of 4 years. During this same time Robin was instrumental in the success of their partnership and their family. She handled the refurbishing and property management/operations of their apartment complexes, storage units, cabin rentals, commercial leases, house leases and eventually managed their ranching operations.

In 1995 they purchased their first ranch of 320 acres, on Miller Flats near Mayhill, NM which was the start of their agriculture property ventures. Since 1995 they have owned and operated 14 agricultural properties, including their current ranch and a ranch near Wray Colorado. The majority of the properties have been in southeast New Mexico. Their current ranch, the Gran Quivira, contains forty one sections of deeded property, and three sections state trust lease lands. The ranch is not only in the center of New Mexico Cattle country, but almost in the exact center of the state, spanning Torrance, Lincoln and Socorro Counties.
“We bring an out of the box thinking toward Ranch Investing. We enjoy living on the ranch, running a cow/calf operation, riding horses, driving wagons, and the life style our ranch affords, but we see the ranch as an investment. Since neither of us inherited a ranch or came from a ranching family, we had to approach our goal of ranch ownership in a less traditional manner.”
If you would like to explore ranching or would like help in acquiring, selling, or consultation, give us a call or email us.
(Robin currently operates a grass-fed beef business and is starting a Kangal livestock guardian dog program.)
We buy and sell ranches throughout ALL OF NEW MEXICO